Plug Types

There are two main plug types used by the majority of manufacturers worldwide. They are distinctive on the end and only fit vehicles with the correct inlet. A good comparison is how the charging wire for Apple and Android is different on one end depending on what phone you have.

Type 1 is a plug type used by vehicles for regular charging. It is typically used by Asian manufacturers.

CHAdeMO is a plug type used by vehicles for rapid charging. All vehicles that use Type 1 plugs for regular charging use CHAdeMO for rapid charging. If the vehicle is compatible for rapid charging it will have two separate inlets on its charging port, one for Type 1 and one for CHAdeMO, as the plugs are different shapes.

Type 2 is a plug type used by vehicles for regular charging. It is typically used by European manufacturers, however some Asian manufacturers have started to produce vehicles with Type 2 inlets for the European market.

CCS is a plug type used by vehicles for rapid charging. All vehicles that use Type 2 for regular charging use CCS for rapid charging. Type 2 and CCS use the same inlet on the vehicle since, as you can see, the plugs are very similar. If the vehicle is compatible with rapid charging it will simply come with the CCS modification on the bottom of the Type 2 plug.

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Charger Types

There are 3 different charging speeds when it comes to home charging: slow, fast and rapid. Rapid chargers are very rarely found in homes as they require a 3 phase circuit which is more commonly found in commercial properties. As a result, home chargers are either slow 3.7kWh or fast 7kWh.

Slow 3.7kWh chargers

Slower chargers typically take between 6 and 12 hours to fully charge an electric car. Because of the slow charging speeds they're the cheapest option for a home charge point

Fast 7kWh chargers

Faster charging points offer a higher power rate than slow chargers and can fully charge an electric car in 4 to 6 hours. These are a little more expensive but can give you that extra speed

Rapid chargers

Rapid chargers can fully charge an electric car in 20 to 60 minutes. They're extremely uncommon in residential properties and are more commonly found in public charging locations

Tethered chargers

A tethered charger comes with its charging cable permanently fixed to the unit. It's convenient to use as you don’t have to connect and remove the cable every time you charge. The cable is fixed so you simply have to plug it into your car. Tethered chargers are more secure as the cable can’t be removed from the socket and get stolen. However, you sacrifice on flexibility as you can only charge vehicles which fit the plug type on the end of your cable. As a result we recommend a tethered charger for a household with one plug-in vehicle.

Socketed chargers

A socketed charge point has an open socket with no cable attached. Each time you need to charge you connect your cable to the socket and then to your vehicle. Although they're less convenient, they're useful if there are multiple cars with different inlets that need charging. It allows more flexibility as you can change charging cable depending on which vehicle needs charging. We would recommend a socketed charge point for a household with multiple plug-in vehicles or for someone who is considering changing their car soon.

Home Charge Points

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