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Electric Car Batteries with 5 Minute Charging Times

StoreDot announce Major Break through in Battery Charging

There is no doubt that one of the key limiting factors in the adoption of electric vehicles is the amount of time it currently takes to charge them.

Waiting for extended periods of time to get sufficient range to complete a journey simply doesn’t fit with the way we live our lives and the structure of our working day.

This has been clearly recognised by Israeli based battery technology company Store Dot who have developed a battery that can fully re-charge in just 5 mins. By re-designing the internal structure of the traditional lithium base fuel cell, they have removed the technical barriers to fast charging and have demonstrated their breakthrough on an electric scooter.

At the recent launch of the new technology, industry experts were able to see the fully electric scooter going from a 5% charge to 100% charge within the 5 minute time frame using a bespoke charger that prevents over heating. The video below talks about the development of the battery and includes a short segment on the charging demonstration.

What's next?

Obviously, the charging network still represents a major challenge in terms of delivering a re-fuel as quick as the traditional fuel station, but Store Dot are determined that their next demonstration will be for a battery on a 300 mile range electric vehicle.

Given the size and scale of the investment from major corporates, such as BP, Samsung and Daimler, we will be keeping a sharp eye out for this happening before Store Dots 2025 target.

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