The MX-30 - Mazda's First EV

Mazda Opens its Electric Account in Style

Mazda has introduced its first ever electric car, the MX-30, launching the first instalment of the manufacturer’s multi-solution approach to reducing its emissions. Mazda has looked back to its MX roots, designing and engineering an EV to challenge the assumptions of today’s electric revolution. The launch of the Japanese firm’s first electric model has caused quite a stir, turning on the style and bringing emotion to electric driving experiences.

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Priced at £25,545 following the £3000 plug-in grant discount, the MX-30 positions itself around the same price band as the MINI Electric and the MG ZS EV. The GT Sport Tech edition of the car will cost £29,845 and offers an improved HiFi and driver aids, among other exclusive features. For this price, you would usually expect an EV to take on the shape of a hatchback, or compact city car, and whilst the MX-30 is ‘technically’ a compact-SUV, it is no small car. The MX-30 boasts a boot space of 366 litres whilst also carrying 5 occupants - perfect for family outings and getaways. However, when you need to fold down the seats for slightly bigger cargo, you’ll find that there’s 1,146 litres of carry space for you to play with. This presents the MX-30 as a great option for your family car, perfect for ferrying kids and dogs wherever they need to go, with whatever luggage they may need to carry.

Sharing the MX prefix with many of Mazda’s historical models, the MX-30 embodies a completely new EV experience with the Mazda DNA of unique interior and exterior design and great driving dynamics, ensuring that customers are still able to experience the joy of driving for which the marque is famous. With the MX name comes handling finesse and soft suspension for a comfortable ride that keeps the car smooth through the corners. When you put your foot down, you’ll no doubt get that instant power that only an electric motor can provide, but the MX-30 delivers it comfortably, so you’re not pinned into your seat like many smaller modern EVs. Less ‘spurty’ than the point and shoot, go-kart like MINI Electric, the MX-30 challenges the vehicle class for driving fun and experience.

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When it comes to performance figures, it’s not the quickest on the market. The MX-30 can get from 0-60 in 9.7 seconds, with a top speed of only 87 mph. These are not impressive numbers by any standard, but when you’re transporting the family around town, or driving through the city to work, it’s exactly what you need. The figures to focus on are the Mazda’s 36 minute rapid charge time (for 80% battery capacity) and a relatively competitive claimed 165 mile range (124 miles tested). Mazda prioritised a lightweight battery, rigidly integrated into the vehicle body structure, enhancing the overall body stiffness and providing excellent response to the driver's input. This focus on driver experience over battery technology has led to a slightly lower-than-desirable range, but with the added benefit of a forgiving and immersive driving experience.

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