The All New MG 5 EV

MG's brand new EV is here.

MG launched the highly anticipated MG 5 EV this week, the latest edition to its electrified range joining the universally popular ZS EV. MG has made a resurgence in the UK market under its new electric models and this is mainly due to the price point of their cars. The ZS EV is one of the best-selling EVs in the UK and for a fully electric vehicle at c.£25,000 you can see why. Understandably, the excitement around the 5 EV has been high as we were looking forward to another competitively priced EV, and we weren’t disappointed.


The 5 EV is priced at £25,995 (after the £3000 plug-in grant discount) which under cuts even the price of the ZS EV. There is an ‘Exclusive’ higher spec version of the model available for £26,995. It plugs a gap in the EV market as the first fully electric estate car which is significant in itself. Cheap EVs to this point tend to be small hatchbacks with low ranges but the 5 EV certainly doesn’t fit that bill. It has 578 litres of boot space , almost 200-litres more than the Volkswagen ID.3. Fold the rear seats down and the of storage space swells to 1,456 litres. In terms of space, the 5 EV presents a realistic option as a car for large families even with dogs. With the space available and the tax discounts that come with EVs, we’d be surprised if you didn’t see the 5 EV being used as taxis in the very near future.

Underneath, the 5 EV is virtually identical to Chinese parent company SAIC’s China-only Roewe Ei5 estate model. It has a 52.2 kWh battery that provides an impressive WLTP range of 214 miles, however MG claims it can squeeze out up to 276 miles on a single charge. It has rapid charging capabilities of up to 80kWh and when plugged in to your standard 50kWh rapid charger it can juice up to 80% full charge in a swift 50 minutes. Using a standard 7kWh charger at home will take around eight-and-a-half hours.

In terms of performance, it’s no Tesla Model S with a 0-60 time of 7.7 seconds and a top speed of 115mph. However, this car was never going to be significant for its performance. It’s a welcome addition to the EV market because of its space, range and pricing. It’s important that EVs cover as many consumer requirements as possible in order to facilitate mass adoption, and the addition of an estate car to the electric vehicle market will help with this. It’s only 10cm shorter than the Ford Focus Estate so it presents a genuine alternative as an estate car. Increasing the size of a car usually means the range uffers, and obviously consumers are turned off EVs with minimal ranges, but 214 miles range is impressive for a larger car. Particularly when you consider how cheap it is, we think MG have found a sweet spot with the 5 EV that will appeal to a lot consumers looking to make the switch to electric

They'll be taking deliveries of the 5 EV in November this year. MG are aiming for 50% of all new car sales in the UK to be plug-in vehicle in 2021. Adding the 5 EV to the ZS EV is certainly a statement of intention to fulfil this aim, particularly when you consider they are adding the MG HS, a plug-in hybrid SUV, to their range later this year. In summary, it’s ‘watch this space’ when it comes to MG electric vehicles. Producing quality, low priced EVs with respectable ranges could provide a pathway back into a significant share in UK market over the coming years

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