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Top Ten Cheapest Electric Cars to Insure

Insurance is usually the most expensive part of any car purchase, and perceptions of potential costs of insuring an electric car are often cited as one of the biggest things causing people to hesitate buying electric. But going electric doesn’t need to empty your bank account. Below is a list of the ten cheapest electric cars to insure with their insurance groups.

Electric car insurance up to 60 more expensive than ice in uk

1) Smart EQ Forfour – Group 9

The Forfour’s simplicity of build and small help make its insurance low by keeping potential repairs lower. Its range of only 70 miles may be seen by some as a drawback. But the increasing availability of charger points arguably makes it an inconvenience rather than a dealbreaker.

2020 smart eq forfour

2) Renault Twizy – Group 10

It’s somewhat unsurprising that the Twizy is so cheap to insure. It’ small size means there isn’t much to maintain and not much to spend on. But even with cheap insurance, the Twizy is not necessarily a go to car. Its size makes it somewhat impractical, but its still better than walking.

Renault Twizy

3) Smart EQ Fortwo – Group 10

Although an insurance group up from its four-door equivalent, the EQ Fortwo is still one of the cheapest to insure on the market. This is possibly because of the altered bodywork leading to a parts availability problem, but only the algorithms will know for sure.

Smart EQ Fortwo

4) Volkswagen e-Up – Group 10

Volkswagen has ceased production of the e-Up but they remain in ample supply. The e-Up has the benefit of remaining in a relatively low insurance group while maintaining an edge on the EQ Forfour with a 160-mile range compared to the Forfour’s 70-mile range.

Volkswagen e up

5) Seat Mii Electric – Group 12

The Mii maintains several of the benefits of the e-Up such as practicality and range. But it is nevertheless in a higher group, begging the question as to whether the extra 2 miles of range is worth the premiums.


6) Renault Zoe – Group 14

The Renault Zoe is not only cheap to insure but cheap to buy as well. What it lacks in space in the back it makes up with its 240-mile range, making it practical for long trips outside the city.

Renault Zoe

7) Hyundai Ioniq Electric – Group 16

While the Ioniq has been available for some time, it remains readily available, as do its parts, and as a result it is relatively cheap to insure for spacious interior, high-tech equipment as well as a great driving experience.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

8) Mazda MX-30 – Group 19

The MX-30 is the newest vehicle on this list and remains surprisingly affordable and insurable considering its size, space and pace. Its downfall is its lack of range. While 124-miles may make it convenient for city travel, it less suitable for longer drives.

Mazda MX 30

9) Kia e-Niro – Group 20

Part of the e-Niro range and made of similar parts to the Hyundai Ioniq means the e-Niro has plenty of parts to source in case of need for repairs, meaning it remains substantially cheaper to insure than other vehicles. Coupled with a high-tech interior and a 282-mile range, the e-Niro is arguably one of the most desirable electric cars on the market.

Kia e Niro

10) Hyundai Kona Electric – Group 20

At number ten is the freshly revamped Hyundai Kona, offering a sleeker look, better equipment and a 279-mile range but retaining a fairly low position in insurance groups that make it excellent value for money.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Overall, the range, reliability, speed, style and availability of electric cars is only increasing. But fortunately this list shows that this doesn’t mean they will be out of reach for first time buyers.

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