Shell Recharge is the network of chargers ran by established oil giants Shell. They operate a rapid charging network across the UK.

Ecotricity's operate one the UK's largest charging networks and are champions of using green energy. They operate a simple pay-as-you-go price structure, using a connection fee and then a price per unit of electricity used.

InstaVolt operates a network of rapid and ultra rapid chargers all over the UK. There's no membership needed, they operate on a simple pay as you go basis

Charge Your Car operates a network of charge points across the UK, but unlike many other public networks, does not own any of their units. Instead, their units are owned by individuals. Charging costs are set by the unit owners and can vary for each point although many units are still free to use

Source London is London’s only citywide network of on-street charge points powered by 100% green energy. They have thousands of 3kWh, 7kWh and 22kWh charge points across the city which offer free parking whilst the unit is in use

Polar is one of the UK's largest networks offering fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charge points throughout the UK.

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