Why Should You Switch?

If you've made the switch into an EV hopefully you're aware of the environmental benefits. Switching your home energy tariff can reduce your carbon footprint further and can even save you money in the process.


Environmental benefits

The biggest advantage of green energy is that it increases the amount of energy produced from renewable sources. The more energy that is produced from renewable sources like wind, geo-thermal, hydro and solar the more we are reducing our carbon emissions and reversing the effects of global warming


Change the energy mix

Since green energy tariffs take their energy from the National Grid like any other tariff, having more people signed up to green tariffs means more renewable energy is pumped into the National Grid. Switching to green can change up the UK's energy mix, contributing to decreasing the country’s overall carbon footprint


Send a message to providers

Some providers are guilt of 'greenwashing' their energy tariffs, claiming that the energy is produced from renewable sources when in fact they are mostly, or in some cases entirely, produced using fossil fuels. More people switching to green energy tariffs will send a message to providers that they need to shift the way their energy is produced over to renewable sources


Lower costs

Renewable energy sources are the future of energy and as they continue to account for more and more of the UK's total energy mix, the price of green energy will drop. One of the main causes of rising energy prices is the rising cost of producing energy using fossil fuels. Green energy's power sources are infinite, a sustainable source of energy means providers can set lower, consistent prices

Make the Switch Today

We've partnered with Uswitch to offer you a wide variety green energy tariffs available on the market. Head over to our Energy Tariffs section to make the switch today.

Make the Switch

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